Thursday, June 18, 2009

Season TWO begins TONIGHT!

Guys get ready for season to of Q-TUBE we ar set and ready to get this party started, tonight get ready for Good Times Manila. Be fashionably blissful with Happy Fart. Get your own personal storage online. Follow your local favorite celebs with Twitter. Visit the online home of Moymoy Palaboy. ... This week we come straight out of red box in greenbelt, great location to start the season plus the food there was terrific ha ha we are always about eating on our set. I got to sit down with the dynamic duo themselves Moymoy Palaboy at their very own place, they toured us around their site and also gave me some tips on how they make those all so funny videos so check out tonights episode cos we are startin off with a bang! enjoy once again and dont be scared to leave your suggestions, thoughts or comments on any of our pages, we really do appreciate your feedback. Go Q-TUBE!

1 comment:

  1. Just watched your show last night. It was very interesting to know that US of A President Obama actually HAS a Twitter account hahaha

    Moymoy Palaboy...very nice...really taking us Filipinos to greater a comical way... :P