Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Episode 7 Coming Tomorrow

This is your host, Andy with a Y hoping everyone is well. Episode 7 was shot in SM North in the Cyberzone section. There was a lot of onlookers wondering what was being shot this day but it was just good old Qtube doing their thing. Great segments this week! I boxed it out with our assistant cameraman, Daniel, in Elorde Boxing Gym on Gilmore. It was hilarious to shoot so hopefully you guys like it. Also coming up tomorrow night is, Flickr, hacking, radio jock/blogger, Chico Garcia, and mobile downloading. Had fun this episode so look out and watch for bloopers. Take care guys.

- Andy with a Y

Clips From the Pilot Episode

For those who missed our Pilot episode, here are some clips for you.

Qtube's Opening Billboard

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Publicity Photos and Ad from our Pilot Episode

Rock On!

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