Thursday, June 11, 2009

EPISODE 13 season one has come to an end!

Yes guys season one has come to an end but thanks to the loyalty and the support of the Qtube fans season two will continue same time next thursday and me and andi will keep bringing you the best of whats to offer on the internet with a little laughter. On tonights show get the best mineral make-up online. Meet Ramon Bautista. Check out the fun and the serious sides of Facebook. Wonder at the new Cebu Inmates’ viral video. And overload on Christian Bautista onlineGet the best mineral make-up online. what a fantasic season ender we have for you guys this evening, we shoot this episode in Avant in greenbelt and i loved the location cos i get really hot quickly but shooting inside Avant was like shootin in the middle of the antartic with minimal clothes on but i love it cos there is no reason to get hot ha ha also its great shooting in a location thats has alot of food choices around it cos if you have ever seen andi and myself shoot we eat alot and before takes we are sometimes wiping crumbs from our lips before we do our take but anyway guys enjoy it tonight and dont mis one second of our jam packed season ender. Andy with a Y oh my, oh my, oh Y!

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