Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Times Manila, Happy Fart, Personal Online Storage, Pinoy Celeb Tweeters, Moymoy Palaboy, Happy Pinoys, and the Andi and Andy Virals – on Qtube!

(Season 2 Opener)
Airing June 18, 2009

Get ready for Good Times Manila. Be fashionably blissful with Happy Fart. Get your own personal storage online. Follow your local favorite celebs with Twitter. Visit the online home of Moymoy Palaboy. Find out how happy Pinoys are, and have fun watching the first Andi and Andy Viral Video Masterpiece! These and more this Thursday, 10:15 PM on Qtube!

Online Now On-Air!
Welcome the bigger, badder, and supersized second season of your only online connection on TV – Qtube! Expect MORE – more sites, more virals, more web tips, and more of Andi and Andy!

Blogger’s Digest: Good Times!
Get ready for news that will change your life! Good Times Manila delivers some of the funniest online stories, all of which are not true! Find out why this blog has become a perennial favorite among internets. This week, Blogger’s Digest puts the spotlight on!

i-Shop: Happy Fart!
Fashionistas and art lovers out there, this site is just for you! Check out hip and happening designer Happy Andrada’s venture into the world of online shopping – the interestingly-named!

i-Hotspot: Personal Online Storage!
Working with online storage sites is like having your own personal USB drive on the web. Exactly what you’ve been looking for? Find out the pros and cons of having personal online storage on this week's i-Hotspot feature!

i-Hotspot: Tweet Twit!
Twitter is taking the pop-culture landscape by storm. Need proof? Just check out the number of A-list celebs tweeting on the net with abandon. Demi Moore and P. Diddy aren’t the only prolific tweeters out there. We’ve also got a slew of local celebs who are certified tweeters!

Celebrity Website of the Week: The Dynamic Duo!
Who’s the most famous Pinoy duo on the web now? Moymoy Palaboy, of course! If you want updates on their new stuff, this is your chance to catch up. We’ll let them tell you themselves on this week’s Celebity Website feature.

i-Bytes: The Happiest People on Earth!
Find out how Pinoys fare in this special survey site! You think we landed on the Top 10? Or did we drop to the Bottom 10? Find out on i-Bytes this week!

New Segment: The Andi and Andy Viral Videos!
This week we decided to close the show with the start of something special! Week after week, we always promote viral videos that either entertain or excruciate. Now it’s OUR turn to be web stars! That’s right! We present – not necessarily due to popular demand but will for sure in the future – the first Andy and Andy Viral Video Masterpiece!

Catch all these on Qtube – your 100% virus-free internet TV – with your online on-air guides, Andi Manzano and Andy Smith! This Thursday, 10:15 PM, on Q Channel 11!

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