Thursday, June 11, 2009

BEHIND the scenes and ON the screens for our Season Ender - Episode 13!

This is it! It's Episode 13 - our season ender for season 1. We can't believe it either. We've gone this far and have done so many things. And it all seems like we just started yesterday. Time goes by so quickly when you're having so much fun.

We shot our spiels in Greenbelt, at the tech and appliance shop, Avant, where we had all these large flat screen TVs as our backdrop.

Memorizing and rehearsing our lines on the very comfy sets they had out there. Of course, this being the 13th episode, we kinda aced most of our shots - one or two takes only for each sequence.

This is me saying, "Yeah! I'm getting better at memorizing my lines. I'm the man!"

Andy goofing around as usual. Just what were you trying to do behind my back?

Our very creative and hardworking camera team at work.

 Right at ya from me, Andi.

Andi: Uhm, Andy, what are you doing?
Andy: Well, what do you think I'm doing? I'm dancing.
Andi: Right. Chickens can do a much better job.

Doing the Jai Ho moves - or at least trying. Our director makes us do all kinds of crazy stuff all the time. He just loves us so much.

Posing for the cameras. "Yes, we're almost done!"

Special shoutout, of course, to our dear Production Assistant, Reineer. Thanks for the photos! We will miss you.

Watch out for our bigger, badder, supersized Season 2 pilot episode! Woohoo!

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