Friday, June 26, 2009

Daphne Oseña-Paez, Cintura, Most Influential Blogger Awards, Ogie Alcasid Online, Con-Ass, 2010 Elections, and the 2nd Andi and Andy Video Masterpiece

Airing July 2, 2009

Meet celebrity blogger, Daphne Oseña-Paez. Shop for belts online. Vote for the Most Influential Blogger of 2009. Visit Ogie Alcasid’s online home. Find out what internets think of Con-Ass and the 2010 Elections. Plus, the much awaited 2nd installment of the Andi and Andy Video Virals! These and more this Thursday on Qtube!

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Be up-to-date on the latest web happenings with your weekly online show on-cam. Get connected to the internet with us on Qtube!

i-React: Con-Ass
Bloggers don’t just write about food, movies, fashion and music. Because they know how powerful their online soap boxes can be, they wax poetic about real issues, too! Recently, bloggers collectively wrote about their disapproval of the constitutional assembly. The reasons for their dissent? Find out on this weeks’ i-React.

Blogger’s Digest: Daphne Oseña-Paez
She’s a respected TV host, businesswoman, and mom. And now, she’s conquering the blogosphere with her witticisms on everything every woman is concerned with. We met up with style stalwart, Daphne Oseña-Paez, to find out what goes on behind her hit blog.

i-Hotspot: 2010 Elections
Since the biggest electoral circus in the Philippines is coming to town next year, it’s a good thing that some netizens put up a website on who to watch out for in the coming elections. Want to rock the vote in 2010? Know your candidates through Political Arena.

i-Shop: Cintura
Fashion insiders have long been saying that the belted waist is the new silhouette. If you want to shop for belts online, now there’s a special store for all your cinched waist needs –!

i-Hotspot: Most Influential Blogger
The 2009 Most Influential Blogger Awards is coming up soon, and if you want to nominate your favorite blogosphere stars, this week’s i-Hotspot feature tells you how to do it!

Celebrity Website of the Week: Ogie Alcasid
Learn more about your idol through their official website! The singer-songwriter and comedian, Ogie Alcasid, is on our Celebrity Website of the Week!

i-Share: Andi and Andy Video Masterpiece
A few episodes ago, we debuted what possibly is the best thing to hit mankind since sliced bread – the Andy and Andy Video Masterpiece. And the response we got from you was, as expected, mind-blowing! This week we present to you the much-awaited second installment of the Andi and Andy Video Masterpiece series! And trust us, sophomore slump it’s not!

Catch what’s hip and hot in and around cyberspace with Andi Manzano and Andy Smith on Qtube – Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Virtual Assistants, Crazy Kart, Evisorya, Cokskiblue, Ivan About Town, Net-tionary, and – the Best of Season 1 Tonight on Qtube!

Airing June 25, 2009

Online Now On-Air
Time to celebrate the wonderful world of the web again – and again! Due to popular demand, we’re bringing back some of the most talked about segments from Qtube’s 1st season. For those who missed them, here’s your chance to finally see them.

i-Hotspot: Virtual Assistants
With the global economic crisis, discover new ways to earn through cyberspace. We’ll tell you how to earn ten times the average worker in the comforts of your own home as we delve into the world of Virtual Assistants!

i-Hotspot: Pinoy Online Gaming
Quench your need for speed as we give you the lowdown on the next online gaming phenomenon – Crazy Kart! Rev up and get behind the wheel of the country’s kings of the road – the passenger jeepney, the shiny silver-stainless owner type jeep, and the centuries-old calesa for a pinoy-style street racing!

i-Shop: Online Divisorya
Check out new and unique shopping finds at Evisorya – your virtual Divisorya for anything under the umbrellas of Divisorya, Quiapo and China town.

i-Shop: Yabang Pinoy
In this age of fashionalism – yup, that’s fashion and nationalism – patriotic Pinoys are encouraged to display their Pinoy Pride loud and proud. Here’s site that helps you make yabang your Pinoy pride –!

Blogger’s Digest: Video Blogger Cokskiblue
Videoblogging is the next stage in the evolution of blogging. And although it’s at its infancy here in the Philippines, one man is at its pioneering forefront – Coy Coballes a.k.a. Coksiblue!

Blogger’s Digest: Ivan About Town
His blog was awarded the Best Travelogue in 2007, and he’s out to explore another exciting travel destination in Northern Luzon, but this time, travel blogger Ivan Henares brings along Andi and Andy for the adventure!

Net-tionary and Chat Lingo
Having a hard-time catching up with tons and tons of new terms being coined in cyberspace? If your dictionary can’t cope, then it’s time you consult Qtube’s Net-tionary – your guide to stay up-to-date with cyberworld’s ever expanding lexicon!

i-Share Exclusive: Flippish
In our i-Share Exclusive, you get a sneak peak at the newest internet video sensation from – that’s exclusively through us!

Join Andi Manzano and Andy Smith in the only show that brings what’s online on-air! Catch Qtube this Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11.

It's a compilation of your favourite segments on episode 15

Tonight you'll see some of your favourite segments from season one all rolled into tonight's episode, we shot this episode in a hotel called VIVERE in alabang and what a location it is. so guys if you missed out on some segments last season or you're ready to see some of your favourites again well tonight is for you. we are hoping once again you enjoy the show and please leave your thoughts and comments here on our blog or on our facebook page. we appreciate the support. and stay tuned for next week's second viral video from andi and myself it should be a laugh and a half.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tweet Tweet

Qtube is now on Twitter. Follow us at qtubeqtv.

Behind the Scenes of Episode 14 - Season 2 Opener

Sunday, June 21, 2009


After shootin two episodes of q-tube and a few segments all in one day this past friday you can see me and andi are working really hard to bring you guys the best of the internet. today is just a short entry to say look out for our 15th episode this thursday 10.15pm and also if ur not doing anything saturday mornin june 4 watch me and andi as we are guests on the popular qtv show KIDS ON Q it starts at 10am so look out for our interview and u may get a better insight on the two of us. bye

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Season TWO begins TONIGHT!

Guys get ready for season to of Q-TUBE we ar set and ready to get this party started, tonight get ready for Good Times Manila. Be fashionably blissful with Happy Fart. Get your own personal storage online. Follow your local favorite celebs with Twitter. Visit the online home of Moymoy Palaboy. ... This week we come straight out of red box in greenbelt, great location to start the season plus the food there was terrific ha ha we are always about eating on our set. I got to sit down with the dynamic duo themselves Moymoy Palaboy at their very own place, they toured us around their site and also gave me some tips on how they make those all so funny videos so check out tonights episode cos we are startin off with a bang! enjoy once again and dont be scared to leave your suggestions, thoughts or comments on any of our pages, we really do appreciate your feedback. Go Q-TUBE!

Guess Who's on Qtube Tonight

Good Times Manila, Happy Fart, Personal Online Storage, Pinoy Celeb Tweeters, Moymoy Palaboy, Happy Pinoys, and the Andi and Andy Virals – on Qtube!

(Season 2 Opener)
Airing June 18, 2009

Get ready for Good Times Manila. Be fashionably blissful with Happy Fart. Get your own personal storage online. Follow your local favorite celebs with Twitter. Visit the online home of Moymoy Palaboy. Find out how happy Pinoys are, and have fun watching the first Andi and Andy Viral Video Masterpiece! These and more this Thursday, 10:15 PM on Qtube!

Online Now On-Air!
Welcome the bigger, badder, and supersized second season of your only online connection on TV – Qtube! Expect MORE – more sites, more virals, more web tips, and more of Andi and Andy!

Blogger’s Digest: Good Times!
Get ready for news that will change your life! Good Times Manila delivers some of the funniest online stories, all of which are not true! Find out why this blog has become a perennial favorite among internets. This week, Blogger’s Digest puts the spotlight on!

i-Shop: Happy Fart!
Fashionistas and art lovers out there, this site is just for you! Check out hip and happening designer Happy Andrada’s venture into the world of online shopping – the interestingly-named!

i-Hotspot: Personal Online Storage!
Working with online storage sites is like having your own personal USB drive on the web. Exactly what you’ve been looking for? Find out the pros and cons of having personal online storage on this week's i-Hotspot feature!

i-Hotspot: Tweet Twit!
Twitter is taking the pop-culture landscape by storm. Need proof? Just check out the number of A-list celebs tweeting on the net with abandon. Demi Moore and P. Diddy aren’t the only prolific tweeters out there. We’ve also got a slew of local celebs who are certified tweeters!

Celebrity Website of the Week: The Dynamic Duo!
Who’s the most famous Pinoy duo on the web now? Moymoy Palaboy, of course! If you want updates on their new stuff, this is your chance to catch up. We’ll let them tell you themselves on this week’s Celebity Website feature.

i-Bytes: The Happiest People on Earth!
Find out how Pinoys fare in this special survey site! You think we landed on the Top 10? Or did we drop to the Bottom 10? Find out on i-Bytes this week!

New Segment: The Andi and Andy Viral Videos!
This week we decided to close the show with the start of something special! Week after week, we always promote viral videos that either entertain or excruciate. Now it’s OUR turn to be web stars! That’s right! We present – not necessarily due to popular demand but will for sure in the future – the first Andy and Andy Viral Video Masterpiece!

Catch all these on Qtube – your 100% virus-free internet TV – with your online on-air guides, Andi Manzano and Andy Smith! This Thursday, 10:15 PM, on Q Channel 11!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

EPISODE 13 season one has come to an end!

Yes guys season one has come to an end but thanks to the loyalty and the support of the Qtube fans season two will continue same time next thursday and me and andi will keep bringing you the best of whats to offer on the internet with a little laughter. On tonights show get the best mineral make-up online. Meet Ramon Bautista. Check out the fun and the serious sides of Facebook. Wonder at the new Cebu Inmates’ viral video. And overload on Christian Bautista onlineGet the best mineral make-up online. what a fantasic season ender we have for you guys this evening, we shoot this episode in Avant in greenbelt and i loved the location cos i get really hot quickly but shooting inside Avant was like shootin in the middle of the antartic with minimal clothes on but i love it cos there is no reason to get hot ha ha also its great shooting in a location thats has alot of food choices around it cos if you have ever seen andi and myself shoot we eat alot and before takes we are sometimes wiping crumbs from our lips before we do our take but anyway guys enjoy it tonight and dont mis one second of our jam packed season ender. Andy with a Y oh my, oh my, oh Y!

BEHIND the scenes and ON the screens for our Season Ender - Episode 13!

This is it! It's Episode 13 - our season ender for season 1. We can't believe it either. We've gone this far and have done so many things. And it all seems like we just started yesterday. Time goes by so quickly when you're having so much fun.

We shot our spiels in Greenbelt, at the tech and appliance shop, Avant, where we had all these large flat screen TVs as our backdrop.

Memorizing and rehearsing our lines on the very comfy sets they had out there. Of course, this being the 13th episode, we kinda aced most of our shots - one or two takes only for each sequence.

This is me saying, "Yeah! I'm getting better at memorizing my lines. I'm the man!"

Andy goofing around as usual. Just what were you trying to do behind my back?

Our very creative and hardworking camera team at work.

 Right at ya from me, Andi.

Andi: Uhm, Andy, what are you doing?
Andy: Well, what do you think I'm doing? I'm dancing.
Andi: Right. Chickens can do a much better job.

Doing the Jai Ho moves - or at least trying. Our director makes us do all kinds of crazy stuff all the time. He just loves us so much.

Posing for the cameras. "Yes, we're almost done!"

Special shoutout, of course, to our dear Production Assistant, Reineer. Thanks for the photos! We will miss you.

Watch out for our bigger, badder, supersized Season 2 pilot episode! Woohoo!

Mineral Make-up On the Web, Ramon Bautista, Facebook’s Serious and Fun Sides, the Cebu Inmate’s Newest Video, and Christian Bautista Online on Qtube!

Airing June 11, 2009

Get the best mineral make-up online. Meet Ramon Bautista. Check out the fun and the serious sides of Facebook. Wonder at the new Cebu Inmates’ viral video. And overload on Christian Bautista online!

Online Now On-Air!
The worldwide web can be a strange and unfamiliar place. Not unless you have a great guide to give you the grand tour of cyberspace – like us!

i-Shop: Make-up! is the only place to go to when you want the best in mineral make-up online. Ladies, this one’s for you!

Blogger’s Digest: Ramon Bautista
He’s everywhere – on TV, on radio, billboards, and now, even the web! No, he’s not Piolo Pascual. He’s a man of many media hats. He’s Ramon Bautista, our Blogger of the week!

i-Hotspot: The Serious Side of Facebook
Beyond Pet Society, Mob Wars, and Super-poking lies a serious side to Facebook. What happens to a deceased persons’ Facebook account? Or how do companies use the site for background checks? The answers to all these question on this week’s I-Hotspot.

i-Bytes: Facebook Games
What are your favorite Facebook games? This week, we list down the most popular games on your favorite social networking site. Facebook games are on this week’s i-Bytes.

i-Share: Cebu Inmates’ New Video!
These guys broke into the viral scene with their dance interpretations of popular songs! On this week’s i-Share, the Cebu Inmates are back with their own take on Slumdog Millionaire’s Jai Ho. Enjoy!

Celebrity Website of the Week: Christian Bautista!
Can’t get enough of Christian Bautista? Get your fix online with – our celeb site of the week.

Plus, another dose of Net-tionary! These and more delivered by your online on-air buddies, Andi Manzano and Andy Smith. Catch Qtube this Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

episode 12 coming up!

If you have plans tonight to go out or see friends or even to have dinner I suggest you cancel them for tonight and pick your favourite seat in your house and lock your tv onto QTV at 10.15pm ha ha we have a jam packed show for all you guys out there here's our line up this evening...
Gmail Labs, Pasalubong Online, AI Fansite, Fab Gadgets, Click the City, Sittizens Online, and Web Updates on Qtube this Thursday! Plus, our Manila Ocean Park adventure and My birthday surprise, sounds like its going to be an enjoyable night for all the qtube fans. the shoot was done at Manila Ocean Park Adventure, great location but before i get started with our shoots im on the look out for a bite to eat and some coffee to get my engine started, then the shoot begins, and you'll see during the shoot andi has a little hostility towards me with her certain gestures but then makes up for it with a suprise at the end lol. i was getting kind of warm throughout the shoot as i was wearing a jacket but we got through it in the end, but wat u dont see is when we left the location a big amount of rain hit as we were going back to our van and all of the qtube family got drenched in rain, it looked like we had showered with our clothes on, and my fone got wet and was damaged for 2 days but not thats back in action. anyway enjoy tonights episode and leave ur thoughts and comments even suggestions here on our blog and also on our facebook page. take care

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gmail Labs, Pasalubong Online, AI Fansite, Fab Gadgets, Click the City, Sittizens Online, and Web Updates on Qtube this Thursday!

Airing June 4, 2009

Learn about the new Gmail. Send pasalubong online. Visit the ultimate AI fansite. Know where to get Fab Gadgets. Join Sittizens online. And Click the City this Thursday on Qtube, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11.

Online Now On-Air!
The two things people nowadays can’t live without – the TV and the internet! So it makes sense to tune in to Qtube, which is the ultimate merger of the net and the box! Here’s what’s on this Thursday.

i-Hotspot: The New Gmail
Gmail users, you’re in for a treat! The geniuses behind Google have taken your Gmail experience to another level with Gmail Labs! Learn more about the newest features in this week’s i-Hotspot.

i-Hotspot: Pasalubong Online!
Overseas Pinoys love to send pasalubong back to the homeland. Now there’s a site that helps them do just that – easier and faster with just one click! Find out more in our second i-Hotspot feature.

Blogger’s Digest: American Idol Craze
From balikbayan deliveries to overseas Pinoys themselves – let’s talk about one Fil-Am who’s making waves in the blogosphere for his super-popular American Idol fansite. Meet Rickey Yaneza on this week’s Blogger’s Digest.

i-Shop: Fab Gadgets
Girl gadget geeks, rejoice! Because now there’s a site on the net that caters to your one true passion – the latest techie toys. Haven’t heard of Fab Gadgets yet? This time you will.

i-Bytes: Click the City!
Want to know the latest happenings in the Metro but don’t know where to start? Insiders know there’s only one place to look on the web –!

Celebrity Website: Sittizens!
She’s the one and only Queen of Bossa Nova and she’s the chosen one for Celebrity Website of the Week! Find out where Sittizens get the latest update from their idol!

Web updates: Be Updated!
Find out what’s new on Yahoo!. Plus, get a load of important updates from cyberspace!

Get your weekly online, on-air fix with Andi Manzano and Andy Smith. Tune in to Qtube this Thursday, 10:15 PM, on Q channel 11!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Behind the Scenes (and Underwater) - Episode 12

Guess where we were last time?

Yes, Qtubers, Andi and Andy went to the Manila Ocean Park for this week's spiels taping.

Andi gets to play a lovely sea goddess!

Andi listens intently to Direk Glenn's instructions, while Andy... poses for this picture! Tsk tsk tsk.

Andi and Andy go over their lines.

Andi and Andy at the take.

Andi and Andy in-between-takes. Great smile, Andi! Haha!

Andy burning under the lights.

Andy introducing the segment.

Posing for the cameras with our Director.

And finally, Andy's surprise!

Happy birthday, Andy!

Our hosts say goodbye to Reineer Reyes, our outgoing Production Assistant, who's leaving us for greener pastures. Good luck, Rein. And thanks for the pictures!

With segment producer, Lawrence, production assistant, Rein, and make-up artist, Yari.

Andi and Andy with the staff and crew of Qtube!

Watch out for another exciting episode of Qtube this Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11!