Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Behind the Scenes (and Underwater) - Episode 12

Guess where we were last time?

Yes, Qtubers, Andi and Andy went to the Manila Ocean Park for this week's spiels taping.

Andi gets to play a lovely sea goddess!

Andi listens intently to Direk Glenn's instructions, while Andy... poses for this picture! Tsk tsk tsk.

Andi and Andy go over their lines.

Andi and Andy at the take.

Andi and Andy in-between-takes. Great smile, Andi! Haha!

Andy burning under the lights.

Andy introducing the segment.

Posing for the cameras with our Director.

And finally, Andy's surprise!

Happy birthday, Andy!

Our hosts say goodbye to Reineer Reyes, our outgoing Production Assistant, who's leaving us for greener pastures. Good luck, Rein. And thanks for the pictures!

With segment producer, Lawrence, production assistant, Rein, and make-up artist, Yari.

Andi and Andy with the staff and crew of Qtube!

Watch out for another exciting episode of Qtube this Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11!


  1. hapi brthday andy..ur so gwapo tlga..nd i like ur accent..plus ur good hosting skills din..more power to u and to andi9 too..god bless to ur show..sna more episodes p to come..coz i rili rili like ur show..

    boomer cruz, novaliches qc

  2. thanks veru much boomer, keep a look out for the upcoming episodes