Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Planning, Online OJT Search, Online Bookstores, Student Blogger, Sitti's Site, Ako Mismo Campaign, and the Hayden Cam Scandal - this Thursday!

Airing May 28, 2009

Plan weddings online. Find your dream internship. Shop for books on the net. Meet student blogger, Victor Villanueva. Plus, take a peek at Sitti’s home on the net, the Ako Mismo Campaign and the Hayden Cam Scandal!

i-Hotspot: Wedding Bells!
Wedding planning is so stressful that it’s no wonder it turns mild-mannered, perfectly reasonable women into fire breathing bridezillas! Fortunately for brides-to-be, the internet is a wonderful source of wedding suppliers that help make wedding planning a bit easier. Here are some online sites that are worth visiting to help you make your big wedding dreams come true!

i-Bytes: OJT Careers
College is more than boozing it up with blockmates week after week. Yes QTubers, college is also there to help you figure out what you want to do thanks to one little program – On-the-Job Training or OJT. OJT is a sacred rite of passage that every college student must pass. And now there’s an online site that can help prospective OJT-ers find that elusive dream internship.

Blogger’s Digest: Student Blogger
If there’s one demographic who knows how to wield the worldwide web to their advantage, it’s the youth. Meet a young man who dares to go beyond the youthful trappings of Facebook and Multiply and uses the net to let his views be heard loud and proud. Victor Villanueva is on tonight’s Blogger’s Digest.

i-Shop: Online Bookstore
Summer may have unofficially ended last month with the early onslaught of monsoon rains, but now that May is winding up, we can officially say that students, your summer days are numbered! The bright side? Back to school shopping! Here’s where you can go on the web to look too cool for school.

i-Hotspot: Ako Mismo Campaign
The Ako Mismo campaign urges Filipinos to play a more active role in nation-building by starting with themselves. A good cause or a lost cause? Find out what netizens have to say about it on this week i-Hotspot feature.

i-React: Hayden Cam
These last couple of weeks, the internet was abuzz with juiciest of scandals. Intimate videos of celebrity doctor, Hayden Kho, with female personalities like Katrina Halili spread like wildfire on the net and became one of the most downloaded torrents of the week. Internets – people who are always online – are left wondering: How safe are we really when it comes to scandals, video sharing, and cyberspace?

Celebrity Website of the Week: Sitti
She’s the one and only Queen of Bossa Nova and she’s the chosen one for Celebrity Website of the Week! Find out where Sittizens get the latest update from their idol!

Online Now On-Air!
There are approximately 650 million internet users in Asia alone, and if you’re part of this demographic, then you should tune in to Qtube! We’re the only show in the country that takes what’s online on-air! Join Andi Manzano and Andy Smith on Qtube this Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11!

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