Thursday, May 14, 2009

Internet Nannies, Planning Vacations Online, New Celebrity Site, Best Pinoy V-Logger, and eBay!

Qtube Episode 9
Airing May 14, 2009

Learn how to make the internet more kid-friendly with internet nannies. Plan your perfect vacation with the best travel sites online. Check out our Celebrity Website of the Week. Meet the man hailed as the best Pinoy v-logger and get a sneak peek of his latest video opus, plus shop till you drop with eBay Philippines – these and more this Thursday on Qtube, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11.

Online Now On-Air!
What's faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Able to take you from place to place in a single bound – or click? It’s the superman of all technological inventions – the internet!

i-Hotspot: Internet Nanny
Surfing the net can be fun, but with sex predators lurking in dark corners and sex sites popping up left and right, the internet can also be a very bad place – especially for young kids. Enter the internet nanny! Now parents can use the internet nanny to help make the web a safer, kid-friendlier place.

i-Travel: Plan your dream vacation on-line!
Summer is all about getting out of the city and going on a grand adventure. What better way to plan your dream holiday than by getting a little help from the net. The web is brimming with thousands of travel sites and we've taken it upon ourselves to pick out the best from the rest.

Blogger’s Digest: V-logger Cokskiblue
Videoblogging is the next stage in the evolution of blogging. And although it’s at its infancy in the Philippines, there is one man who is truly pioneering this innovative platform – Coy Coballes a.k.a. Coksiblue in cyberspace!

i-Share Exclusive: Cokskiblue
If you can’t get enough of v-logger Coy Caballes and his popular v-logs on the web, here’s your chance to see his next v-log before it comes out on the web. Get an exclusive sneak peek at his next Coskiblue installment!

Who doesn't love dropping some hard earned dough on that hard-to-find item that you can't find in any store near you? Why not try the internet auction sites – they’re every shopaholic and treasure hunter’s best friend on the web! See why is one of the most popular sites of its kind in the Philippines.

Surfing the web is our passion, and our mission is to show you guys what's hip and hot in cyberspace! Join Andi Manzano and Andy Smith as they explore the wonderful world of the web this Thursday, 10:15 pm on Q Channel 11 – only on Qtube!

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