Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jamlegend, Woopra, the Artist Chef, Online Bakeshop, Shelfari, and Kyla Forever - this Thursday on Qtube!

Qtube Episode 10
Airing May 21, 2009

Be a rock icon online. Track your popularity on the web. Meet the Artist Chef. Shop for your favorite sweets online. Plus, flip through the pages of Shelfari and visit Kyla Forever!

Online Now On-Air!
This is your weekly dose of what's hip, hot and happening on the web! We show you what you missed and what you have yet to discover. We introduce you to the men and women behind your favorite web hangouts! We teach you how to make your net life easier, one click at a time! We are your only online on-air show – Qtube!

i-Hotspot: Be a rock icon online!
Admit it – deep down inside you’re a rockstar. The singing in the shower and rocking out to your air guitar – you are why Guitar Hero and Rock Band were created. Now you can nurture your inner Gwen Stefani with the help of the net. is the stuff rockstars are made of – online!

i-Bytes: Track your popularity on the web!
Judging from the number of comments you get you could tell whether or not your website or blog is generating buzz. But if you want to know exactly how much buzz your site is getting, you might want to get woopra to keep track of your site traffic. Woopra online statistics and analytics is on i-Bytes this week.

Blogger’s Digest: The Artist Chef!
Being an artist requires passion and skillful hands. Same goes with being a chef. But what if you were both? On Blogger’s Digest this week, Joan Manalang – the internet’s one and only artist chef!

i-Shop: Online Bakeshop!
Sinful. Decadent. Irresistible. The grand finale to every meal – desserts! Desserts go along with just about anything! And just when you thought the internet can't get any better, online bakeshops come along. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this week’s i-Shop.

i-Hotspot: Book sharing online!
Whether you’re a certified bookworm or a neophyte about to embark on the greatest reading adventure of his life, you’ll realize that sometimes finding a good book can be quite a challenge. The booklover’s secret? Going online and flipping through the webpages of shelfari!

Celebrity website of the week: Kyla Forever!
R&B Princess, Kyla, is in a league of her own. Her voice catapulted her into fame and today, she has the distinction of being one of the country’s top performers. This week, we get up close and personal with certified Kapuso star, Kyla, and browse through her official website, Kyla Forever, in our Celebrity Website of the Week!

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