Thursday, May 21, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Episode 10

Andi having her makeup done.

This is Yari, our make-up artist, doing Andi's lashes.

Andy waiting for his take.

Episode 10 spiels were shot in Gateway in Cubao.

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  1. wow i rili luv the show tonight..astig tlga..its not just an ordinary plain tv show in fact the two hosts show how wacky they are..i rili luv it..lalo n knina kawawa naman c andy anlakas pla man3p ni andi9 effective ha..hehehe..but i know dat it was just 4 fun nd andy was such a great sport..rili luv the show..the tandem ( andi and andy )..the topics..everything..kip it up guys!! sna maextend air time nyo..ei to andi9 and last but definitely not the least, andy smith..

    boomer cruz
    certified Q-Tube fanatic