Thursday, May 21, 2009

EPISODE 10 na!

Jamlegend, woopra, the artist chef, shelfari, online bakeshop and kyla forever are amongst our wonderful line up on Q-tube tonight. we shot most of tonight's episode on the fourth floor of gateway mall. as usual people were looking at me and andi wondering who are those two clowns memorizing their lines while they are eating food in between takes lol. my segments tonight will be on woopra and shelfari. i go a little nerdy in my shelfari segment cos its done in a library and i'll be sporting glasses so i look a little more intelligent but thats not the case ha ha. anyway guys this is andy with a y signing out and fasten your seatbelts for tonights episodes even if your not in a car watching find something to hold onto cos tonight will be crazy lol goodnight and enjoy


  1. I watched tonight's episode and it was great! I love the shelfari segment, because I'm a user of that huge social network site.

    more powers to you, andi, and Q-tube! :D

  2. Wooow! This episode is very great! and I've watched it. I loved Jam Legend! it is cool! Keep it up :)

    Here's my Blog:

  3. I joined JamLegend now! SO cool!