Thursday, July 30, 2009

All About Stars: Wilma Doesnt, Suzi Entrata-Abrera, Regine Tolentino’s Boutique, the Joke Blog, Chat with the Stars, Online Tsismis, MYMP, and!

Airing July 30, 2009

All About Stars: Bloggers Wilma Doesnt and Suzi Entrata-Abrera, Regine Tolentino’s Online Boutique, the Joke Blog, Chat with the Stars, Online Tsismis, MYMP, Online Auction at, and the Andi and Andy Video Masterpiece #5 – on Qtube this Thursday!

If there’s one thing that the internet is infamous for, it’s how it has totally revolutionized our celebrity culture. Whether celebs like it or not, thanks to blogs, fan pages, tabloid sites, and even Twitter, they are now more accessible to regular joes, die-hard fans, and even the occasional stalkers. This week on Qtube, we abandon our pretenses and embrace cyberspace’s pop culture side by dedicating a whole episode to celebs and celebrity culture on the web!

Blogger’s Digest: Wilma Doesnt and Suzi Entrata-Abrera
Joining the fray of celebrity boggers are a couple of cyber neophytes who are definitely gaining an internet following of their own. On this week’s Blogger’s Digest, meet Q’s newest online stars – Wilma Doesnt and Suzi Entrata-Abrera!

i-Shop: Regine Tolentino
Some celebrities don’t like resting on their showbiz laurels, and Regine Tolentino is such star.
This dancer and TV personality has expanded her career with J-Lo-like intensity and ferocity by also venturing into the fashion industry. Check out the highly-successful Regine’s Boutique – now online!

i-Hotspot: Joke Blog!
Here’s one site that celebrates the absurdities of celebrity – our premiere joke blog, Good Times Manila.

i-Hotpsot: Chat with the Stars!
If you want real star stories straight out of their own mouths, why not try Online Chat with the Stars? It’s live chatting with Kapuso stars on a whole new level with!

i-Hotspot: Online Tsismis!
Gossip girls love to troll cyberspace for the latest tsismis on their favorite showbiz stars. And at the top of the tsismis blogs is the super popular Philippine Entertainment Portal, or PEP. As Inday Badiday used to say to artistas, “Careful, careful!”

Celebrity Website of the Week: MYMP
This week’s featured Celebrity Website is – your online source for anything MYMP!

Web Update: Auction
Shopping for anything can be difficult – especially when your funds are going, going, gone! Luckily, there’s a site where you can score fabulous prizes without having to break the bank –!

Andi and Andy Video Masterpiece #5
Capping off this week’s celebrity special is a video treat from the two biggest stars ever to walk the face of the earth – Andi and Andy! Catch the 5th installment of the Andi and Andy Video Masterpiece.

Get your weekly online, on-air fix with Andi Manzano and Andy Smith on Qtube this Thursday, 10:15 PM, on Q channel 11!

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