Thursday, July 16, 2009

food feast!

After one season of hosting qTube, this has got to be our best assignment --- food review! We've featured dozens of sites but finally, the spotlight is on our very own blog featuring ... TADA! our review of three of the best restos in the Timog and Scout area --- Aresi, Gerry's Grill and Greens Restaurant.

Our first stop was Aresi - an American-Italian Restaurant in Il Terazzo along Tomas Morato. The place was great - the food even more so!

Now this is what you call DIVINE! The meat was cooked just right and the side dishes completed the entire affair! At only a little over 500 pesos, the Double Cut Pork Chop will surely be worth your moolah! --- Andy

I have died and gone straight to Pasta heaven. The Meatballs Pasta is a sure winner --- Andi

The Aresi Special pizza is one of the house specialties and we completely agree! A taste of Italia right in the heart of Timog --- Andy & Andi

We ended our visit with chocolate-oozing lava cake... what could be better? --- Andy & Andi

After American-Italian feasts, it's time for Filipino food. If Andy can't speak Filipino, he might as well eat Filipino Food, right? Hahaha Peace partner! --- Andi

For those with big appetites like me, the Adobo rice and Inihaw na Manok is your safest bet. Tender chicken and flavorful rice can never go wrong. And as for my first taste of sisig? Well, it surely won't be my last! I love the blend of crunchy meat and spice. Sexy sizzling dish! --- Andy

While Andy was brave enough to try a dish for the first time, I devoured the Inihaw na Manok and gambas! I love the sweet and spicy blend of this shrimp dish. Served hot, it's a STAR! --- Andi

Just like in fairytales, it was a happy ending! Leche flan and buko pandan. Filipinos sure know their sweets! :) --- Andy & Andy

If you are figure-concious or simply just not a meat eater, Greens restaurant is the best choice. I must admit we were a bit unsure with the dishes at first because how could there be vegetarian sisig and barbeque?!? Well, we were happily proven wrong! The vegetarian barbeque and sisig tasted just like the real thing! --- Andy & Andi

However, if you're not adventurous enough to try veggie meat, Greens has a great pasta selection - chief among them the Pesto pasta! Super Yum! --- Andy

Those watching their sugar intake need not worry about desserts here in Greens. Even their desserts are healthy. Carrot cake is love! Carrot cake is happiness! :)--- Andi

Three restaurants, one day. Over a dozen dishes, three hours. Our verdict? These restaurants will surely be seeing us again!

Happy eating! :)

Aresi is located in Il Terazzo, Tomas Morato
Gerry's Grill is located in Tomas Morato cor. Lopez Drive
Greens Restaurant is located in Scout Castor , Quezon City


  1. A food review huh....looks so fun...and you guys have a show!....better watch it....

  2. watched this one particular episode and i loved it! good job, you guys~! ^_^

  3. Great food review. 2 thumbs up!!!

  4. nice food review.. i think they all taste good. i also like to eat gold chocolate coins