Thursday, August 13, 2009

Louis Vuitton, Superheroes on the Web,, the New MacBook Pro,, JobsDB, and the Cutest Wedding Video Online – on Qtube Tonight!

Airing August 13, 2009

We’re all about surfing the hottest sites in cyberspace! Qtube shows you what’s in and what’s not on the web!

i-Shop: All About LV!
LV – the name is synonymous to luxury, style, quality, and exclusivity. Now there’s a site for pre-owned genuine Louis Vuitton bags at very reasonable prices! Check out!

Blogger’s Digest: Superheroes!
Wouldn’t it be awesome to be part of a superhero’s endless adventures? Now comic book lovers can check out the latest heroic exploits of their favorite caped crusaders online with comicology!

i-Bytes: Online Magazine!
One of the newest obsessions this week is the online magazine,! Here’s our look at this chic, sophisticated lifestyle site!

New! The Tech Commandments: Explore the New MacBook Pro!
Get the lowdown on top of the line gizmos coming out of the market in our newest segment, Tech Commandments! This week we teach you how to work like a pro with the latest Macbook Pro! Once you’ve gone Mac you can’t go back!

i-Hotspot: Connect with Other Christians!
If you think Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook are too superficial and want a more spiritual way of social networking, then sing hallelujah because now, there’s a site just for you. Try social networking with a spiritual twist with!

Web Update:
Celebrate with your favorite job hunting site –, which turns 10 this year!

i-Share: JK Wedding Entourage
Check out the crazy “JK Wedding Entourage” video on Youtube!

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