Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rivermaya Online, Weewilldoodle, Postsecret, Money Talk, The Bag Hag, Bag Organizers, and Andi and Andy’s Tribute to the King of Pop

Airing July 9, 2009

Connect with Rivermaya. Create art and collaborate online. Post a secret on the web. Keep your job and money flow afloat. Meet the Bag Hag, and learn about bag organizers. Plus, watch Andi and Andy’s tribute to Michael Jackson.

Online Now On-Air!
Ten years ago, the popular question was, “Who has internet?” Fast forward to 2009 and it’s all about who doesn’t. The worldwide web is as much a part of our lives the way television is – it entertains, informs, provokes, and unites. And that’s exactly why we remain as essential Thursday night viewing for you.

Celebrity Website of the Week: Rock and Roll!
We start off with the only site that connects you with one of the biggest Pinoy rock acts ever. is our Celebrity Website of the Week.

i-Hotspot: They Will Doodle!
Create and collaborate – that’s the mantra of weewilldoodle, which is a group of artists who believe in the raw power of doodling together. We check their art form this week at!

i-Hotspot: Post Your Secrets!
The web’s harshest critics often say that cyberspace alienates people from each other and belittles real social interaction between humans. Wrong. Postsecret definitely shows that strangers can connect with strangers through common emotional bonds, experiences, and secrets that no one would ever dream of telling.

i-Bytes: Money Flow
So the global recession has finally reached our side of the planet, causing each of us to penny-pinch during these economically trying times. But in these days of unemployment paranoia, how can one keep his job and money flow afloat? Find out in this week’s i-Bytes.

Blogger’s Digest: The Bag Hag
It’s all about bags! On this week’s blogger’s digest, meet one woman whose passion for purses led to a life being The Bag Hag!

i-Shop: Bag’s Buddy – Bag Organizers!
How do women carry around huge bags that contain the whole world and yet manage to know where everything is inside them? What’s the secret? Bag organizers! Find out what they are and where to get them on i-Shop this week!

Andi and Andy Video Masterpiece # 3: Tribute to the King of Pop
While our Andy and Andi videos have not yet reached stratospheric internet heights the way the Cebu inmates videos have, mark our words, one day they will. Catch our newest video this Thursday – a tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

Catch the latest on the web with Andi Manzano and Andy Smith on Qtube – Thursday, 10:15 PM on Q Channel 11.

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