Thursday, September 17, 2009


If you guys are patriotic about being pinoy and would love to represent big time then pinoy fashion is your section tonight with team manila, everyone knows the hilarious youtube sensations moymoy palaboy but tonight we got to know the younger member roadfill obesa a little better, e-radio portal is one to look out for, is also coming up later tonight, and watch my three strange personalties explain you the benefits of obtaining the HTC touch, i hope you guys appreciate that segment cos it took alotf of work and time to get a little crazy for that one ha ha, also guys dont be scared to leave us comments or suggestions or even links and videos for things you would love us to feature, we read everything you guys send to us and of course with your suggestions we can bring you guys what you like also and bring you new things you may not know about. dont forget our youtube page subscribe to qtubeqtv, and our website CHECK OUT balikbayan 10.15pm friday night as i spend a day with one of your favourite hosts drew arellano as he teaches me to become more philippinized with a bit of humour. take care to all

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