Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Protect Your Facebook Account, Lucky Doll Lingerie, Thou Shall Undelete, Parenting Online, and – on Qtube this Thursday!

Airing September 10, 2009

If you’re scared you missed out on a whole lot of surfing and googling, have no fear because Qtube is here! Nothing will deter us from bringing you what’s hip and what’s hot in cyberspace!

i-Bytes: Protect Your Facebook Account
Internets, listen up! Facebook account hacking is NOT an urban myth. It’s been so prevalent that it even made it on Time Magazine! Protect your facebook photos and fight off getting hacked!

i-Shop: Lucky Doll Lingerie
One of the best things about the internet is the privacy it can give you. Where else can you shop anonymously away from prying eyes, right? Which is why cyberspace is the best place to shop for lingerie, hosiery, corsets, and truly adventurous, sexy costumes! Get a load of!

Tech Commandments: Thou Shall Undelete!
Accidentally sent your important files to the recycling bin and you don’t know how to get them all back? Thou shall not panic! We’ll show you how on this week’s Tech Commandments!

i-Hotspot: Parenting Online!
With adults-only content easily accessed by underage kids, the internet is often viewed as the bane of existence for every parent. But you know what? It has a good side, too, mom and dad! Where else can you watch a show that’s all about smart parenting? Here’s, spearheaded by celebrity mom, Tin Tin Bersola!

Pop quiz hotshots, where do you go when you need the number of a party planner who specializes in theme children’s parties? Or the contact details of a Nepalese cuisine caterer? Or a Belgian Malinois dog groomer? The answer on this week’s i-Hotspot!

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