Thursday, September 10, 2009

BOOM BOOM BOOM another great episode at 10.15pm

We are starting your thursday night with a bang! tonight learn how to protect your facebook account, If your running out of nice underwear check out Lucky doll lingerie, if you accidently deleted a file and dont know how you will ever get it back Undelete Plus is here to save the day, we have parenting online and also i'll be watchin tonight from the comfort of my own home and i hope u guys find a great position also. Make us a part of your weekly habit and we'll keep bringing you all your internet needs. plus guys dont be scared to leave us suggestions and comments for the show, if you have great sites, games, internet programs or even celebrity sites let us now via email or even in the comments section. we love your feedback and continued support. enjoy. andy to the Y is out ha ha

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