Thursday, October 22, 2009

Online Department Store, Donaire, MJ Fever, 2010 Presidentiables and COMELEC online, and Friends for Sale - Tonight on Qtube!

Airing October 22, 2009

We’re your weekly support group to help you get around the web with ease! This week on your online connection on-air!

i-Shop: The World’s Products at Your Doorsteps!
Check out this online specialty department store that sells products from all over the world, and delivers them to every doorstep of every home – as long as you live on earth!

Celebrity Website: Get Updated with The Filipino Flash
Artistas and musicians aren’t the only ones with celebrity sites! Nowadays, athletes have become so famous that they’ve warranted their own websites, too! This week’s featured celebrity site is boxing wonder kid, Nonito Donaire, Jr! Get ready to be knocked out!

i-Hotspot: Examine Your 2010 Elections Presidentiables!
Want to get to know your candidates on a more serious level? Then log on to With their new features, Exchange and Examine, you won’t ever be misinformed again!

i-Share: Can’t Get Enough of the King of Pop!
Michael Jackson’s death has definitely sparked a revival of all things MJ. The ultimate way to show your MJ love? Uploading your MJ moves on the web. Here’s an awesome video of Sam Tsui, singing MJ songs, produced by the incredibly talented songwriter and musician, Kurt Hugo!

i-Bytes: Downloadable COMELEC Forms!
People often accuse the COMELEC of being stuck in the dark ages. While that may seem true to a certain degree, you can’t say these guys aren’t trying. Want proof of their modernization? Downloadable COMELEC registration forms! It’s a small step, but a start nonetheless!

i-Hotspot: Friends For Sale!
Friends as prized commodities? Now you can buy and sell them through facebook! This latest application craze lets you purchase your friends as your very own virtual pets! But be warned! Friends are valued from hundred thousands, millions, and even billions of virtual dollars! Yep, having a virtual human slave isn’t cheap!

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