Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Special (Synopsis)

Aired October 29, 2009

This episode is dedicated to all the internets out there who love their ghosts and ghouls! We’ve gathered the best Halloween internet hits for everyone regardless of their scare threshold to enjoy, matatakutin ka man o talagang matibay ang loob!

i-Shop: Halloween Costumes Online!
Halloween is the perfect excuse for any adult and child to live out their fantasies and play dress-up! And if you have no idea where to get that authentic Boba Fett costume for your 7-year old pamangkin, then check out this kiddie costume company online –!

Blogger’s Digest: Ghostly Encounters!
Birds of a feather flock together! And for this fearless threesome, a love for horror and true-to-life, scream-worthy activities is their big common bond. If you have passion for real-life paranormal activity, then join these bloggers on their ghostly encounters!

i-Hotspot: Trick or Treat Halloween Party!
The first online parenting show,, recently hosted a Trick or Treat Halloween Party! Imagine a room filled with mythical characters of all kinds! Whether they’re meant to charm or scare you, one thing’s for sure – these characters are cute and cuddly, especially when worn by our little ones!

i-Report: Spirit Questor’s Video Blog
Spirit Questors are those rare people who boldly go where no coward has gone before – paranormal hotspots and haunted houses. Scary!? Well, that didn’t stop Qtube from joining one spirit questor for a day of spirit hunting!

i-Hotspot: Eerie Tales!
Love a good ghost story? Shan Dani sure does! His site is the home for truly ghastly tales of real-life ghosts and ghouls! Kaya nyo ba ang nakakatakot? Check out!

i-Share: Scariest Videos Uploaded on the Net!
Catch the scariest videos uploaded on the net, featured on this week’s i-Share Halloween edition!

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